Sustainable, Designer, Origami. FSC-certified Pantone shades from an international design team

Origami Animal Modelling Kit Two | 12 Designs

Our innovative Origami modelling gift set contains 100 sheets of FSC-certified Origami paper and fully illustrated folding instructions for the creation of 12 animal models, presented in a hand-folded spiral box.

Designs included:

  • Playful Elephant
  • Finger-puppet Fox
  • Elegant Crane
  • Loyal Dog
  • Jumping Frog
  • Fluttering Butterfly
  • Perching Crow
  • Tranquil Goldfish
  • Mighty T-Rex
  • Wise Owl
  • Flourishing Flower
  • Towering Giraffe

Comes complete with:
Designer Patterned Paper - 100 sheets of Origami paper in ten exclusive cutting-edge patterns from an international design team


Great gift set

-¬†Very stylish and simple to access product. I bought this as a gift so I won’t have experience of actually putting the origami from this product into practice, hence the 4* rating. However, given the clear layout of the instructions and the variety of objects to make, I expect this would be worthy of a 5* rating. A lovely introduction to the origami process with good quality paper, fantastic packaging and enough interest to give it a go.

Origami Animal Modelling Kit Two | 12 Designs