Sustainable, Designer, Origami. FSC-certified Pantone shades from an international design team

Origami Animal Modelling Complete Kit | 24 Designs

Our innovative Origami modelling gift set contains 200 sheets of FSC-certified Origami paper and fully illustrated folding instructions for the creation of 24 animal models, presented in a hand-folded spiral box.

Designs included:

  • Peaceful Turtle
  • Rustic Pig
  • Mischievious Cat
  • Graceful Duck
  • Ear-waggling Rabbit
  • Waddling Penguin
  • Colourful Tulip
  • Flapping Bird
  • Lightning Swift
  • Delicate Iris
  • Ethereal Moth
  • Serene Swan
  • Playful Elephant
  • Finger-puppet Fox
  • Elegant Crane
  • Loyal Dog
  • Jumping Frog
  • Fluttering Butterfly
  • Perching Crow
  • Tranquil Goldfish
  • Mighty T-Rex
  • Wise Owl
  • Flourishing Flower
  • Towering Giraffe

Comes complete with:
Designer Patterned Paper - 200 sheets of Origami paper in ten exclusive cutting-edge patterns from an international design team


My favourite origami paper

- My wife bought me a pack of Folded square designer Origami paper for Christmas. The paper is of amazing good quality an the prints are beautiful. It seems a shame to fold them some times. So when she asked for an Origami zoo for her birthday, I instantly decided I would make it out of Folded Square paper. I came across the animal pack and am now happily underway. The instructions are slightly different to the usual form, but when you get into them they very intuitive and easy to follow. All round beautiful products.


[Review from] - Thank you for being so prompt with my order! Wonderful and friendly service, such a pleasure


[Review from] - Beautiful paper, which holds up very well when you’re folding more complicated designs. Definitely something I’ll be buying again :)

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Origami Animal Modelling Complete Kit | 24 Designs