Sustainable, Designer, Origami. FSC-certified Pantone shades from an international design team

Origami Animal Modelling Kit One | 12 Designs

Our innovative Origami modelling gift set contains 100 sheets of FSC-certified Origami paper and fully illustrated folding instructions for the creation of 12 animal models, presented in a hand-folded spiral box.

Designs included:

  • Peaceful Turtle
  • Rustic Pig
  • Mischievious Cat
  • Graceful Duck
  • Ear-waggling Rabbit
  • Waddling Penguin
  • Colourful Tulip
  • Flapping Bird
  • Lightning Swift
  • Delicate Iris
  • Ethereal Moth
  • Serene Swan

Comes complete with:
Designer Patterned Paper - 100 sheets of Origami paper in ten exclusive cutting-edge patterns from an international design team



Stylish set for the casual enthusiast. Especially nice as a gift!

- This is a well-made set arrives in a unique and beautiful box. It makes an excellent gift. The assorted papers are lovely and modern in their aesthetic. The individual designs are challenging enough to be entertaining for a crafty adult/teen. Someone younger would need guidance. Directions are printed on heavy weight stock and are very well designed. The folks at Folded Square exhibit a keen sense of style!

Origami Animal Modelling Kit One | 12 Designs