The primary concern of a majority of businesses is to maximise profit. We have chosen an alternative model: to provide a fair standard of living while doing wider good. Sustainability, environmental concern, charitable work and social responsibility are implied by this core principle.


The use of paper can be entirely sustainable. We source materials carefully and design our products and systems to minimise our waste, which is almost entirely recycled. All our Origami paper, modelling kits, inserts and spiral-boxes are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and printed using vegetable-based ink.

Our chosen packaging offers a high level of protection while being an exact fit to the contents. Material use is therefore minimised, and our cardboard envelopes are both recycled, recyclable and rapidly biodegradable. No plastics or other unsustainable/non-degradable materials are used.

We do not stock metal foils as, following an investigation, we concluded they can not be sustainably sourced.

As part of our charitable commitment, we donate to reforesting projects ensuring we plant many more trees than we use. We use responsibly sourced paper while contributing to the preservation of rainforest ecosystems.


10% of our income is donated to a variety of charities Р essentially for more than one month per year we work for charity.


We bank exclusively with The Co-operative, consistently voted the UK’s most ethical brand. We also believe in the principle of general taxation, that we all should all pay a fair share into a communal pool to fund health, education, etc. Tax is the price of a civilised society – that’s why we pay ours.